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About Us

Jorge Alvarado

Jorge Alvarado, M.L.S

Founding Partner

I spent my childhood witnessing the unyielding determination of my parents pursuit to American Citizenship. As undocumented workers, my parents were presented with many challenges including the ever-present fear of deportation and the pervasive anxiety stemming from the unavailability of benefits reserved only for citizens. My formative years were spent in the Los Angeles area within the immigrant community. I observed the profound consequences of deportation and the heart wrenching separation of families. I also noticed the hurdles they encounter due to the exorbitant fees charged by legal professionals. It is my firm belief that no family should have to endure such hardships. Consequently, as an Immigration Consultant, I came to established this organization. I am passionately committed to ensuring family unity by offering an accessible and affordable path to residency and citizenship. Possessing a Masters in Legal Studies and having a comprehensive background in the legal field, I stand ready to utilize my expertise to assist families in navigating the complexity of the immigration system. We appreciate your trust in our ability to support your families during this journey. I eagerly anticipate the privilege of helping your loved ones.


Emmanuel Moreno, B.A.


My passion for immigration is deeply rooted in my parents' journey. They immigrated to the United States from Mexico in pursuit of a better life. Through their experience, I gained firsthand insight into the exorbitant costs of legal representation. Witnessing the challenges, they faced and the sacrifices they made to secure their status in a new country ignited a strong commitment within me to advocate for more accessible and affordable immigration services. In addition to my personal connection to the issue, I have diligently equipped myself with the necessary knowledge and professional background to make a meaningful impact in the field of immigration. I proudly hold a bachelor's degree in political science with a minor in criminology, law, and society from the University of California, Irvine. With this solid educational foundation and my legal expertise, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to contributing to the creation of more equitable and efficient immigration solutions for those who are in need.

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